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Tuesday, 21 July, 2009

My Foolish Deeds: I am Proud of them!

Saying no to the sprawling ancestral house with the large property just because The Master said, “Leave”. And living in rented houses ever since.
Leaving home and hearth at 24 for a small village in Mizoram, not even bothering to find out the pay scale.
Not wanting to go to US or Gulf when every one was scampering for it and making pots of money.
Fighting against the Dowry system when it could have made me rich.
Rejecting the caste system that could give me added but undue dignity.
Marrying a ‘tribal’ girl from Northeast India instead of a ‘Syrian Christian’.
Leaving the job of a lecturer in a government college drawing UGC scale, and move in as a missionary with uncertain financial support and getting the wife to do the same.
Refusing to leave the work at hand to tour Gulf or the West to preach to the affluent to make a fast buck.
Deciding not to pay donation for kids’ admission at any level.